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Are you experiencing sore and bleeding gums, bone loss, pockets (when the collar of gum becomes infected and detaches from the tooth), unwanted spaces, loose teeth, bad breath (halitosis) or abscess (the expansion of a gum pocket due to trapped bacteria)? Though these symptoms may go undetected by you, but they are diagnostics that can be cured by your local Peridontist.

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What is a Peridontist?

A Peridontist specializes in gum diseases and is quite often seen conjunction with a regular dentist. The Peridontist treats the many symptoms of gum problems. It is advised that you consult a Peridontist if you are missing teeth and planning to have dental implants, they will conclude whether this decision is right for you.

Since gum diseases (forms of Periodontal) are among so many North Americans, Peridontists play a great role in the upkeep of proper dental care. Because these diseases are usually painless they go unnoticed until it is too late. Results could lead to receding gums, gum discomfort or even loosened teeth.

A Peridontist has a range of procedures to help gum disease, depending on the severity. These treatments include:
Scaling and root planning which means removing tartar and plaque from pockets in the gum

Pocket reduction procedures

Regenerative procedures.

Crown lengthening.

Soft tissue grafts, when tooth roots are exposed due to gum recession.